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Site Clearance Merseyside

This job entailed the removal of all of the trees and shrubs which were growing in the gardens of a recently demolished housing estate. There was a lot of space to easily fell all of the trees safely. This type of job is a welcome change from the high climbing sometimes, just simple tree felling. All the waste material was logged or chipped on site and taken away to be processed for biomass fuel.


Conifer Removal Liverpool

tree-services-liverpool This tree was a Cypress tree with two codominant stems or ‘trunks’.

Our tree surgeons tackled this dismantle using climbing spikes on the feet to ascend removing all of the branches on the way up. Once at the top, the stems are cut into sections which can be thrown out of the way of any obstacles, in this case two sheds.

The tree was located in Liverpool on a housing estate which backs on to sheltered housing and had been worrying some of the residents who lived closest.

All of the arising were removed from site and taken for processing and recycled for biomass.


Tree Planting Woolton

This started with the removal of a Crack willow which had become dangerous due to its age. The customer wanted to replace the tree with something more reliable so I suggested a native species so we agreed on this fastigiate Oak.


Tree Felling Liverpool

This very big Atlas Cedar in West Derby was in a position too close to the house and had out grown its plot a long time ago. It took two days to dismantle and remove as most of the limbs had to be lowered from the crown above the house.


Tree Dismantle Mossley Hill


This tree was a mature Turkey Oak which was dying back and in recession. Our tree surgeons employed the use of a mobile elevated work platform as we could not guarantee the integrity of the branches which needed to be climbed. The tree was dismantled on the first day and removed from site on the second.


Dying Tree Removal In Mossley Hill



This tree was situated on Mossley Hill rd up against the front wall of the garden and stretched across to the other side of the road.   The tree was a Turkey Oak and was badly dying back with some substantial pieces of timber already falling to the ground. For this job we utilised a van mounted cherry picker to minimise the disruption to traffic as it was done in the busy Christmas period. The tree was eventually replaced with a native fastigiate Oak.


Storm Damage Woolton


This job entailed roping onto a nearby tree to clear the fallen debris form a failed Crack Willow from a house roof. The Crack Willow or Salix fragilis should not really be planted near to buildings as they have a tendency to drop branches. Another common name for this tree is the Brittle Willow.


Stump Grinding Merseyside

This Job was in St Helens and was the stump of a Goat Willow which had pushed a brick wall over, stump had to ground out to renew the foundations ready for the new wall to be built.


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